The Wave of Technology

As allotment of my claimed development, I consistently appear reside webinars. The affair on one of these account calls was technology, the acceleration at how this is advancing and what this agency for our future. This affair is so accordant to all of us, I had an obligation to allotment this on my blog.

There’s no agnosticism that technology has had a huge appulse on society. It has radically afflicted the way companies do business and afflicted the way we reside our day to day lives. From the advancements in anesthetic and education, to biking and communication, we are now active best because of it. But with the acceleration at which machines are convalescent and the amount of tasks they can do today, what does this beggarly for altruism and how will this affect us in our alive lives?

What is the advantage of a apparatus over a person?

Compared to humans, machines can plan faster, annihilate animal absurdity and abate aerial costs. It is accordingly not hasty that Oxford University predicts in the next 20 years, 47% of US jobs will be alone by bogus intelligence! The appulse technology has on the alive citizenry is not something new. During the Industrial Anarchy workers were getting replaced by accouterment and this trend is growing.

Those who do not apprentice from history are destined to echo it

We charge to acclimate to the alteration times. Attending at the internet anarchy which led to the World Wide Web and e-commerce, this wiped out domiciliary names, companies like Kodak and Blockbuster video. The companies that accept boomed over the endure few years, such as Airbnb and Uber accomplish mainly via an app.

Today technology is advancing at such a top clip that jobs getting replaced are not just in accomplishment and simple tasks such chump account roles, (in China there is already a restaurant area waitresses accept been replaced by robots) but computers will be so awful intelligent, they will alpha aggressive with the animal brain. This agency absolute professions will be replaced!

To authenticate this akin of intelligence, in 2011 IBM congenital a cool computer alleged Watson which competed with two of the all time a lot of acknowledged chess players and exhausted them! This acutely shows it is now accessible a apparatus can anticipate analytically and strategically. This win was monumental. It approved a apparatus was able to anticipate for itself, use facial recognition, facial expressions and apprehend physique language.

Also in contempo years, with the addition of 3D printing. This technology allows awful customised locations and articles to be printed on demand, from furniture, clothes, basic and prostheses to auto, aeroplane and architecture parts, this will advance to a boundless disruption in all industries.

Advancements are apparent all about us

Disappearing are the canicule area there was a getting in Toll Booths who greeted you and took your cash, now there is a apparatus to aperture your card. Typewriters are now computers and laptops. I bethink in my adolescence afore adjustable phones were affordable, abounding of my accompany had pagers. How arresting would this be today, accepting to alarm a number, leave a bulletin and acknowledgment buzz number, and again just cat-and-mouse at this buzz for that getting to acknowledgment your call. I waited abounding a times in a algid buzz box for a alarm back! And what about the aboriginal time you saw a fax apparatus in activity and how apperception alarming this was if a certificate was printed that came from about else! Today these things assume so ancient, but this was alone 15-20 years ago. Just attending at the acceleration in the advance of technology and brainstorm how we will be communicating in 15-20 years from now!

‘It is not the arch of the breed that survives, nor the a lot of able that survives. It is the one that is the a lot of adjustable to change’ – Charles Darwin

Consider Moore’s Law, an ascertainment that Gordon Moore fabricated aback in 1965. He noticed that the amount of transistors engineers could charge assimilate a silicon chip, angled every 24-months. Accordingly the processing ability of our computers should bifold every two years. Assuming chip manufacturers can abide to reside up to Moore’s Law, that would beggarly computers 100 years from now would be 1,125,899,906,842,624 times added able than computers today! That’s huge! There are those who argue, Moore’s Law will anon activate to breach down. However there are others who accept there is no agreement it will anytime ability a threshold, and computer ability is projected to beat the ability of all animal brains.

Ride the wave

Already attending at how technology is impacting the next generation. To anticipate if I accept kids they will never apperceive of fax machines, pagers or even acreage phones. Today accouchement don’t even accept to blazon anymore – they ask Siri!

High abstruse addition drives a new era of all-around abundance and accelerated change, and accepting the appropriate abilities for the agenda abridgement will advance competitiveness and productivity. Approach this, not from a crisis point of appearance but from one of opportunity, you don’t charge to be a tech alarmist but alpha application technology to your advantage. With sites such as and, business’s are now searching to the internet for basic administration / designers and accountants. You no best accept to physically be present. You could be alive for a aggregation or getting bags of afar from you. You could be alive from home with your family. You could be travelling the world!

The beachcomber of technology is happening. You can either be pulled beneath or you can yield ascendancy and ride it. Use it to your advantage, and accomplish abiding you are on the appropriate ancillary of the tech wave.